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1-ๅ     2-/     3--     4-ภ     5-ถ     6-ุ     7-ึ     8-ค     9-ต     0-จ     --ข     =-ช

q-ๆ     w-ไ     e-ำ     r-พ     t-ะ     y-ั     u-ี     i-ร     o-น     p-ย     [-บ     ]-ล     \-ฃ

a-ฟ     s-ห     d-ก     f-ด     g-เ     h-้     j-่     k-า     l-ส     ;-ว     '-ง

z-ผ     x-ป     c-แ     v-อ     b-ิ     n-ื     m-ท     ,-ม     .-ใ     /-ฝ





1-+      2-๑      3-๒      4-๓      5-๔      6-ู      7-฿      8-๕      9-๖      0-๗      --๘      =-๙

q-๐     w-"     e-ฎ     r-ฑ      t-ธ      y-ํ      u-๊      i-ณ      o-ฯ      p-ญ      [-ฐ      ]-,      \-ฅ

a-ฤ      s-ฆ      d-ฏ      f-โ      g-ฌ      h-็      j-๋      k-ษ      l-ศ      ;-ซ      '-.

z-(      x-)      c-ฉ      v-ฮ      b-ฺ      n-์      m-?      ,-ฒ      .-ฬ      /-ฦ

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