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Principle 5: Do not overclaim

This page has the SVI standard for applying this principle and also recommended guidance documents that can help you meet the standard.

Standard on applying Principle 5



Please note, the standard on applying Principle 5: Do not overclaim is due to be published in early 2022. Please see below for further guidance on how to avoid overclaiming.

If you are interested in finding out more about how SVI works with our global community to develop the practice standards for social value and impact management, or would like to learn more about the work of the Methodology Sub-Committee please get in touch.

原則 5:不要過度聲明

此頁麵包含應用此原則的 SVI 標準以及可幫助您達到標準的推薦指導文件。


應用原則 5 的標準




請注意,應用原則 5:不要過度聲明的標準將於 2022 年初發布。請參閱下文以獲取有關如何避免過度聲明的進一步指導。


如果您有興趣了解更多關於 SVI 如何與我們的全球社區合作制定社會價值和影響管理的實踐標準,或者想了解更多關於方法學小組委員會的工作,請與我們聯繫。


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