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Principle 3: Value the things that matter

This page has the SVI standard for applying this principle and also recommended guidance documents that can help you meet the standard.

Standard on applying Principle 3


Making decisions about allocating resources between different options needs to recognise the values of stakeholders. Value refers to the relative importance of different outcomes. It is informed by stakeholders’ preferences.

This Standard sets out the best practice requirements for applying Principle 3: Valuing the things that matter. In this Standard you will find two options for Assurance relating to this principle. The first is where quantified weightings are used to value changes to social outcomes, and the second is where financial approximations are employed to weight the preferences of changes to social outcomes. The former approach could be assured as a social value or ‘social impact’ report, and the latter as a Social Return on Investment (SROI) report.


原則 3:重視重要的事情

此頁麵包含應用此原則的 SVI 標準以及可幫助您達到標準的推薦指導文件。


應用原則 3 的標準


在不同選項之間分配資源的決策需要認識到利益相關者的價值。 價值是指不同結果的相對重要性。 它由利益相關者的偏好決定。


本標準規定了應用原則 3 的最佳實踐要求:重視重要的事情。 在本標準中,您會發現與此原則相關的兩個保證選項。 第一個是使用量化權重來衡量社會成果變化的價值,第二個是使用財務近似來衡量對社會成果變化的偏好。 前一種方法可以確定為社會價值或“社會影響”報告,而後者可以確定為社會投資回報 (SROI) 報告。



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